Much of Sherwood Schools history was documented in the 1987 25th Jubilee Book. The 50th Jubilee book is currently in production.

The Principals

Mr G.M Mooney (Gerry)

Sherwood School first opened it doors on the 8th of May 1963 and  was a milestone for the Ashley Clinton-Makaretu district. The school was an an amalgamation of Makaretu and Ashley Clinton School and opened with a roll of 80 students with Mr G.M Mooney (Gerry) as the first principal.


During Mr Mooneys time at Sherwood School the school pool was built; at the end of 1963 with the sum of 600 pounds ($5000) raised and donated by the community, building of a paved and fenced tennis court, a fourth classroom and library added in the early 1970’s, and a number of trees planted on the school grounds.

It is also important to recognise the late Mrs June McLeod who gave 20 years of service to Sherwood during Mr Mooneys tenure.

Mr Mooney retired in 1987 after dedicating 25 years of sevice to Sherwood School, a feat, that will in todays current climate, be never be surpassed.

Mr Steve Cornelius

1988 bought the arrival of Mr Steve Cornelius. Mr Cornlius maintained the roll of the school to be in the late 60’s and mid 70’s. During his time he was instumental in bringing Maori studies and a traffic education programme to Sherwood. Mr Cornelius has the feat of having the rescue helicopter visit the school after an attempt by a student to score a try during a lunch time rugby game went badly wrong.


Mr Cornelius moved north from Sherwood in 1993 after 6 years of service to Sherwood School.

Mr Peter Ahern

1994 saw the starting roll of the students at 63 and the first time a teaching principal was to spend more time in the classroom. It also saw Sherwood’s first beginning principal and the first to be appointed by a school Board of Trustees.  Mr Peter Ahern moved to Sherwood from Hastings Intermediate School after spending time teaching in England.


Mr Ahern came to Sherwood as a mover and shaker and made many changes during his tenure. He changed the landscape by building the sick bay, store room, altering the reception area, extending the staffroom and moving the dental clinic from opposite the staffroom to its current resting place.


A huge undertaking that took place that changed the landscape of the school from what it looked like in 1963 was the building of the community hall. The hall and carpark was built on the existing school field. To compensate the loss of land the White family donated the padock to the school which is the current rugby field. It is fair to say that  the hall was not only a wonderful asset for the community, but also the school.


During Mr Aherns tenure Takapau celebrated its centenial and a small early settler shed was donated to the school.


Mr Ahern moved to Wellington to futher his career at the end of 1997 after 4 years of service.

Ms Rachel Smith

In 1998 the Sherwood School Board of Trustees appointed Ms Rachel Smith.


The school roll grew over the time Ms Smith was at Sherwood. Paper work was completed efficently and she bought very high expectations for students to achieve to the school. She was, and still is, actively involved Camp Wakarara


Ms Smith moved from Sherwood in the June of 2002 to be the Deputy Principal at Waipawa School after four and a half years of service. For 2 months the school was run by Acting Principal Rod Appleton-Seymor.

Mrs Nikki Irwin

Mrs Nikki Irwin was appointed as Principal in August 2002 and continued on from the wonderful work that Ms Smith has established during her time with the roll being in the 60’s.


During the early 2000’s many traditional sheep and beef farms in the district were being converted into Dairy and resulted in the school roll beginning to decline. Mrs Irwin left Sherwood School at the end of 2003 after one and a half years of service.

Mrs Siu Swinburn

Mrs Siu Swinburn was appointed in 2004 by the Board of Trustees


During her time many changes took place – new school signs, the school archway, and the a new swimming changing area, P.E sheds and a toilet block. in 2006 there was discussion that Sherwood School close and merge with another school due to the continuing roll fall. The community was split at a vote and the school survived. Mrs Swinburne resigned in October 2009 after nearly 6 years in the role.

Mr Ricardo Fox

The appointment of Mr Ricardo Fox at the beginning of 2010 was the beginning of a new era at Sherwood School. With a roll of 19 students the undertaking was to project the school’s character within the community.


During his time Mr Fox implemented the new curriculum and updated school documentation with the staff and board, removed the prefab classroom that was erected in the 1970’s, implemented Asian language and upgraded the schools physical environment.

At the end of 2011 a new library and media room was built to replace the removed prefab. In partnership with Kooga NZ a new school uniofrm was implemented in April 2012 moving from the bottle green, red and white to emerald and navy.

Mr Fox’s time at Sherwood concluded with  an excellent Education Review Office reviews.

He moved to further his career as the principal of Frasertown School in June 2012. He achieved a significant roll growth during his service, with 34 students attending Sherwood School at the start of 2012 . He had put Sherwood School back at the forefront in the Central Hawkes Bay.

Mrs Trish Fryer

Mrs Trish Fryer was the next principal of Sherwood Shool, beginning in July 2012. Mrs Fryer had taught in Southern Hawke’s Bay and moved to Sherwood from Takapau School. She has been a participant in the aspiring principal course is the director of the Central Hawke’s Bay Sports Academy. She leads a dynamic team of teachers and is well respected in the education community.

In 2012 the shadehouse was built with funding and support from Genesis.  This propagates native plants for the local A’Deanes Bush, which the students are involved in raising then planting.  Most of the seeds are sourced from A’Deanes Bush itself.  In 2013 the shadehouse was extended to accomodate the success of the venture.

In 2013 the roll peaked at 44 students before settling back to 35 in 2014.

Sherwood School is growing and the future looks bright.

We celebrated the 50th Jubilee in 2013 and look foward to celebrating  the future sucesses, just as they have been in the last 50 years .