Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

As Trustees for our school we are all passionate about the learning experience provided for all the children here. We all come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a diverse range of skills to the Board. We love this place and what it offers our kids and what it means to the community.


We are a small rural school and we face that challenge head on by making it a strength rather than a weakness. We have the most amazing teachers and an incredibly passionate principal who make sure the kids are exposed to every opportunity that’s out there. We perform very well in the academic and sporting arenas with our kids having the opportunity to attend many regional and interschool competitions that wouldn’t be available in a bigger school. We are also very proud of our ERO reports and our past students, many of whom have gone on to leadership roles within their respective colleges and high schools.


We are lucky to have a very nice school van and this allows us to be mobile and to go to many educational/ cultural and sporting events. We are very focused on academic performance and via the principal we closely monitor the performance of every child. We’re not afraid to provide extra resources/learning to ensure every child has the chance to succeed at Sherwood School.
We offer small class sizes, energized and passionate educators, a beautiful environment with plenty of space and a Board of Trustees totally committed to this place, our place.


Come and see us sometime and we’d love to show you around.

Rowan Baker [Chair]

2018 Sherwood School Board of Trustees