Discovery Learning – Key Competencies

Discovery Learning – Key Competencies


The key competencies underpin everything that happens in teaching and learning.

They have implications for all aspects of planning and teaching, including activities, resources, and language used; content, topics or focus for learning; the role that both students and teachers take in the learning process; and the culture of the classroom and school.

Many things that teachers and schools do already work well for the key competencies. The emphasis on key competencies in the NZC does, however, give educators an opportunity to reconsider the things they typically do in their practice.

Discovery Learning allows Junior students to engage in self inquiry and have a specific focus on the competencies.


Student feedback is vital and below is what our junior students think.

Why do you do discovery learning?

“Well we do it to try things we have never done before” Rosie Yr 2


What is discovery Learning?

“Its when we make and work things out.” Rata Yr 2


What is the focus of discovery learning?

“It is so that we learn to work with other people and by ourselves, learn new things, give people compliments like ‘good work’, learn to share, have fun and think.” Drew Yr 3