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P.J White - Board Chair - Parent Rep 

I have 2 children at Sherwood School, Ben and Rosie.  They are very happy at Sherwood School where they have great friends and fantastic teachers. George, my elder son,has already completed his primary education and is now at CHB College.

We moved to the district seven years ago, returning to my husbands family farm. There are many reasons why I wanted to join the Board of Trustees at Sherwood School. I enjoy being part of my children's education and joining the BOT helps me to understand more about the 'how and why' of Sherwood School's education of our children. I believe that Sherwood School has a strong history within the community and I want to be part of the process helping to continue to build the school.

The past BOT has done an amazing job and I am confident I can do my part to help them out too. A strong school enables children to be confident learners, and that is what I would like for our children.

Rowan Baker - Parent Rep


Colin Tyler - Parent Rep


Megan Pedersen - Parent Rep

Howard and I have two children (Viggo and Zita) at Sherwood School with our third child (Eva) a preschooler. We are lucky to have a primary school on our doorstep that has fantastic, motivated teachers in a school that is vibrant and dynamic and well supported by our community.
I love that our school has that rural family vibe with small mixed age classes, but offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for all of our children to participate in and excel. I also like how the whole school was in our recent Lorax production and the Ngati Whai festival last year. Unique to Sherwood is our special relationship with Adeanes Bush and the ongoing conservation project which is an awesome community project. I am also a fan of small schools working together to provide enhanced learning experiences and opportunities such as the combined sports days and sharing players for interschool sports teams.
I have recently joined the Board of Trustees and are enjoying being involved in and learning about school governance. I am currently also involved in our local Takapau Playcentre and Sherwood Playgroup.
I am looking forward to helping to govern the school to the best of my ability.

Michelle White - Staff Rep

I am the Sherwood School Staff Board Trustee, bringing a teaching perspective to the Board. Living in Norsewood, I am married to Kevin, a Stock Buyer and we have two daughters Jaime, a registered nurse and Sophie, an early years teacher. This is my 6th year teaching at Sherwood and my second term on the Board of Trustees. I am currently the Year 0-3 classroom teacher.