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Sherwood School is a relatively young school that is building on traditions that were established when the school first opened in 1963.


Sherwood School is located in the beautiful Central Hawke’s Bay. The school boasts some of the most exquisite views of the Ruahine Ranges and the surrounding country side


The School is a co-educational, full primary, decile 8 school with a make up of  approx 70% New Zealand European and 30% Maori students.


Sherwood Students are successful students who are focused on being the centre of their learning and fully understanding assessment for learning.


We continue to be proud of the successes of our students in academic, social, sporting, and cultural endeavours. They exude a combination of natural talent and hard work while being praised and supported by the school, parents and community.


Sherwood students and staff have achieved local, regional and national success and have a strong reputation. We have strong Maori achievement and our students are proud of our Reo and Tikanga.


The school has a hard working Board of Trustees and a group of committed parents of Friends of Sherwood School who work hard behind the scenes and who add to the cheerfulness and success of Sherwood.


Sherwood students "exceeded expectations in a rural environment" - our school mission